Clothes for ambitious dancers
La Principale Dancewear was founded in 2016 as a little workshop and gradually developed into a bigger enterprise. The main concept of La Principale is a personalized approach to each client. We know how difficult it is to choose a standard size for the training, especially online, and to be sure that it is going to fit you well. We know that everyone's body is very specific and unique, hence only making dance clothes based on personal measurements can guarantee the 100% best fit. If a dancer gets the best clothes for training, which makes her look special, elegant and allows a lady to move with absolute freedom, then it helps to get more motivation and confidence. And we believe that these components are extremely important on the way to success. You can get the best results out of the training and achieve the goals faster.

Sewing our dancewear we concentrate on 3 major details, such as:
●  Adapting the patterns to the personal measures of the client in order to give a 100% perfect fit;
●  Using only the finest quality of durable Italian fabrics, which are strong in color, soft and stretchy enough to give you maximum comfort;
●  Creating each style in limited quantity with a dancer's needs in mind to make our dancewear as unique and unrivaled as possible.

Each piece of dancewear is carefully sewn by an expert team in our workshop in Siberia, and designed by a principal dancer of Dutch national ballet Anna Ol. We create our dancewear for aspiring dancers who focus on every tiny detail.
Become a star with La Principale
I started my career as a student in Siberian choreographic school and went a long way till getting the position of principal dancer with Dutch national ballet.
When I began my training, I had no possibility of having a nice leotard for practicing. I could choose only black or white colors, and always wanted to have a better quality of fabrics and a better fit. After graduating from school and participating in International tours, I was so happy I could finally buy some nice ballet clothes! Unfortunately, it was uneasy: on the one hand, I could hardly find a good fit for my body, and on the other hand, I often used to notice the same leotards on my colleagues as the choice of colourful dancewear was terribly limited. Obviously, all these things used to upset me. Throughout all my career I have been carrying the knowledge that“appearance” is 50% of your success. And success starts from the very first rehearsal in a studio. It has always been vital for me to look perfect both on a stage and in a studio. I check precisely every single detail of my look, because I like to be elegant and to accentuate my individuality.By doing this I get much more confident, which allows me to be drowned into the role with all my mind and soul, without being worried about unnecessary details. It gives me freedom. I believe that this freedom helped my big dream come true. . And I believe it will help everyone. The creation of La Principale workshop was inspired by my own expertise, beliefs and values. Let our company La Principale take care of these 50 % of your success by offering you personalized custom fit dancewear with an exceptional quality of sewing, best fabrics and elegant design. I am convinced that comfy and sophisticated wear will bring you closer to your dream.
Yours faithfully,
Where can I buy La Principale dancewear ?
La Principale dancewear is only available here at our online store or through a small number of selected retailers. 
Why do I have to wait to receive my order?
Our workshop is committed to producing the best quality possible and no step in the process is ever hurried. There are certain times of the year when we are particularly busy and orders can take even longer to get out. We will always let you know via email in case production takes a bit longer than expected.
Why are there no refunds?
Each and every piece is made according to the customer's personal size. For this reason we do not offer any refund on custom orders. If however, there was a mistake made during the production process, we will remake your piece correctly, given that the piece received has clearly not been worn or washed. There is a 14-day notification period from the date the order was received to report to us of any mistakes.
Why are some colors no longer available?
We update our fabric selection annually. Should your fabric selection run out, we will contact you immediately so that you may adjust your order.
How can I make sure I'm taking the measurements correctly?
Check out our video tutorial on the “Custom size” page and according to it, measure your size without wearing a leotard. It will take you only 2 minutes!
How can I best take care of my La Principale pieces?
Right after wearing, wash them by hand in cold water with a mild detergent. Don’t use bleach or tumble dry.
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